The Muselet #38: Hiatus

For the last 38 weeks I’ve been delighting or potentially annoying you with a Sunday 8am CET email. It’s been a very useful exercise for me, but I’ve noticed that my mind isn’t always in writing over the last few weeks and I want to avoid for this to become a source of stress or drag for me.

Therefore, I’m going to take a bit of a break. Perhaps I’ll wake up next week with a great idea that I just want to write up and share, in that case I’ll do so, but I don’t need the pressure to come up with something every week for a while.

So if not in writing, where is my mind recently? Well, it’s a mix of the core aspect of my new job, but also something related I’m doing on the side. And it involves… a lot of programming. After two years of essentially writing 0 lines of code, I’m tapping away again on a side-project that consumes a lot of my after-work (and sometimes work) hours. It’s great. I didn’t realize I missed it until I got back to it.

Talk to you later!