The Muselet

Something to think about

Welcome to The Muselet by Zef Hemel.

I work in software engineering. Except by now rather than engineering software, I spend more time engineering people. That’s ok though, as it turns out, people are much more interesting than computers.

It’s different. It’s a journey.

I love sharing what I learn on that journey: my insights, questions, musings and conclusions. Those topics usually involve peoplemanagementleadership and technology strategy topics. I don’t know a lot of things, and I’m happy to admit it. I learned that admitting you don’t know something is a sign of maturity. At least, I hope so, otherwise I’m going to make myself look pretty damn stupid.

Some of these ideas and insights will pop out fully formed, others will need a few iterations of polish. Some are likely youthfully naive. 

As James Joyce once said:

The demand that I make from my reader is that he should devote his whole life to reading my works.

Beside what this Joyce dude is asking (whoever he may be), I’d like to ask something in addition: Let me know what you think from time to time. Tell me if something resonated with you, upset you, confused you, or sparked something. Remember, you’re reading an email right now. This is a relatively private medium. If you hit the “Reply” button, it will just be me receiving your response.

Chances are high I will read what you write, and even respond! It’s crazy times we live in. Let’s try this, shall we?

In the meantime, tell your friends!